Hi, universe!

I’ve intended to write a blog for years now, but simply: I’ve been busy. Sorry, I mean lazy. Yeh, I can admit that, at least.

The bigger problem is that, like so many other “visual types,” I’ve believed that I just can’t write. I don’t do words, I do pictures. Ultimately, this is a photography website, and no one is here expecting to discover the next Harry Potter. So, here goes.

People often ask, “what’s it like to spend two years living in Tibet?!” or say “I’d love to see pictures from your latest trip to Nepal.” Now, I can direct them here. There’ll be a lot of beautiful photographs (that I wouldn’t normally or necessarily put up in the galleries), some words, and a bit of behind the scenes fun from my shoots. 

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Much <3 (that's ice cream by the way, not a heart!)