Palden Lhamo Festival in Lhasa

Today is the 15th day of the 10th month of the Tibetan lunar calendar, and that means one thing:

Palden Lhamo Festival. Also known as Tibetan Valentine's Day!

Palden Lhamo, or Sri Devi, is a wrathful three-eyed deity who is regarded as the principal protectress of Tibet. During her festival, a special statue of the rare frog-faced Palden Lhamo is revealed to the public for just two days. Barricades are set up around the Jokhang Temple, and people queue up for hours to offer khatags and barley beer to the statue.

Outside on the streets, women roam about asking men for money. Men are meant to oblige any woman who asks for money during the festival - after all, they might just be a manifestation of the deity! No wonder a couple of my friends decide to lock themselves indoors for a day or two :p

Below are some black and white images I shot during last year's festival. Enjoy, and let me know what you think!

<3 Matt