Hi, I’m Matt.

I’m a commercial, lifestyle and travel photographer based between London and Helsinki, but I’m also a traveller and a dreamer – so I can often be found exploring my favourite place on earth – the Himalayas.

I completed an MA in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography at the London College of Communication (University of the Arts London) a few years back, and realised that I have a passion for making connections with people and places that intrigue me, and then photographing them. If there’s one thing that makes me feel alive, it’s waking up when the stars are still out, hiking up a mountain, and watching the sun rise over the world.

I love to work on my own photo projects, and if I can combine that with an extended period of time in a place learning a new language and culture - even better. I speak English, Chinese, and Tibetan. 


I’m available for assignments anywhere, anytime: matt [at] mattlinden.co.uk

你好,我是芬兰籍英国摄影师马特·林登。毕业于伦敦艺术大学中文系,获伦敦传媒学院纪实摄影硕士学位。现居伦敦和赫尔辛基。作为旅行家和梦想家,我热爱登山、星辰和日落,常年出没于挚爱之地 —— 喜马拉雅,会说英语、中文和⻄藏语。我曾多次参与包括美国、日本、印度在内的全球性摄影项目,作品曾多次被BBC、CNN、TIME OUT 等国内外杂志报道。有别于传统旅行风景摄影,我更注重花费大量时间来了解某个特定地区的人文历史,用镜头记录只属于我的某段生活经历,探讨人类生命中的双重性与转瞬即逝的时光。


Represented in China by BROWNIE Art Photography. For print sales in China, please visit www.browniephoto.com

独家呈现:BROWNIE Art Photography(中国)---  欲购买收藏级输出及装裱作品,请访问:www.browniephoto.com


Features, Clients, Tearsheets, Exhibitions 客户,展览,样张

CNN, BBC, Mint Edition, LFW, Mandala, Corner Mag, ArtHaus, IdeasTap, Mathys&Squire, The Magic Elephant. Winner of MBP Photographic Winter Competition, and shortlisted finalist for the 2014 Deutsche Bank Creative Enterprise Award.

2013 31 Degrees | Masters Graduation, LCC, University of the Arts London

2014 Closer to the Edge: Moving Landscapes and Abstract Forms | London

2014 Autumn Collection | Royal Bank of Canada, London

2015 Closer to the Edge: Part Two | London

2016 Brownie x Design Republic | Shanghai